BMW 7-Series

BMW 7 Series unveiled in Russia

A lot of people think that a company like BMW could roll off its new redesigned 7 Series almost covered at December in burlap reveal in Siberia having no concern for the perceptions of public, but the company ‘BMW’ feels that the upcoming Russian market needs to be romanced a bit with an intro right in the center of Red Square. This was the place where the car makers had an official unveiling on 8th July.
For 2 days, BMW 7-Series was hidden in one lakh eighteen thousand balls which filled a giant acrylic and glass hourglass about forty feet tall, built in front of Kremlin. On 8th night, the hourglass’s top was emptied to launch and reveal the car to the 400 invited guests.
This stunt was planned by the company to illustrate the tag line of the event which says “Never Stand Still”.
Here are some of the photos of the 7-Series from the event.
Never Stand Still Ceremony Pics BMW 7 Series

Never Stand Still BMW 7 Series

Never Stand Still New BMW 7 Series

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