BMW investing another billion in the U.S. to expand

The European automakers are very attracted to construct cars in the U.S, because where heavy aberrations in the value of the U.S dollar against the Euro.
The BMW company is looking to develop its U.S actions by spending over $1 bilion on enlarging the capacity of South Carolina plant, to build more distribution centers, and develop its U.S central in New Jersey. Almost all the money, about $750M are going to be spent on rising up the production at the South Carolina plant from 160.000 units to 240.00 by the year of 2012. The German automaker takes a massive hit by loading cars from higher cost Europe to lower cost U.S, this makes the move abundant, sense given by this fact.

BMW is investing over $100M on developing it’s central, and another $170M to enlarge the distribution centers parts , which should be welcome news for BMW bosses, who can face high wait times for parts. The BMW company had been tearing up the sales charts in the U.S for a while, and with an $1B added they are spending money on Stateside facilities. It seems that the Germans want the good times to continue to coil.

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